Mattel Fisher-Price: Smart Stages Product Launch

The 2014 launch of Fisher-Price’s new Smart Stages technology was big news in the world of toys. With Smart Stages, a child’s toy is capable of growing with them by advancing to its next stage as the child gets older; the level of play and learning changes to stay age appropriate. Fisher-Price assigned Spider the task of introducing this new technology to Canadian parents on a large scale.

The simple strategy to do this was based around education and demonstration. It was designed to get the new technology in front of, and in the hands of, parents and their kids, as well as teach the parents about the proven benefits of it.

The campaign started off with PR via a media launch event hosted by Canadian actor/comedian Gerry Dee and several childhood development experts. Online and Social Media were utilized for blogging campaigns, Twitter parties and demonstrations.

Experiential Marketing reached Mom’s and kids at a one-on-one level, with booths and demos at two different Mom oriented consumer shows. To pull everything together in-store, Spider created floor displays, POS, information booklets and coupons as the final step in driving purchase.