Shopper Marketing


Ask ten different people in the industry for their definition of Shopper Marketing, and you’ll get ten completely different answers. For us, there’s only one right answer:

  • “Any brand or retailer activity that is designed to reach shoppers along the path-to-purchase, in the right way and at the right time, to ultimately change or influence purchase behaviour.”

We know our business, and that’s how we do what’s right for your business. From the discovery of unexploited shopper insights to the activation of innovative ideas at retail, and everything in between, we leverage best-in-class collaboration between manufacturers, retailers and shoppers to influence purchase decision with the right ideas.

And, we have the confidence to pre-test our ideas directly with shoppers to increase the certainty of results. But, we’re not saying we get it right the first time, every time. Sometimes ideas come back with poor test results. And when they do, we learn from them and we apply that learning to make sure only the right ideas make it to market. Because only the right ideas will build your business.

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