Knowledge inspired Creativity

In our business, the idea is the centre of any marketing initiative—the vital thread that links all elements of a marketing campaign together with the true essence of a brand. But great ideas do not just happen. Furthermore, the RIGHT ideas do not just happen. To arrive at a great idea and the right idea – one that will produce the business results you’re looking for – you need to combine the art of inspiration and emotional connections with the logic of facts and observations.

Using KiC™, our own unique innovation process, we combine a series of steps to guarantee creativity and fresh thinking:

  • iProbe delves deep into brand, market and consumer history, facts and trends to produce new and meaningful insights.
  • A series of proprietary online and live ideation tools take full advantage of the minds of employees, consumers, customers and our own trained KiC™ ideation team to deliver breakthrough ideas, every time.
  • Concept harvesting and testing ensures your consumers will be motivated and engaged by the right ideas.
  • ROI and risk analysis close the critical loop of innovation to ensure every idea is actionable and affordable.