Marketing to Moms

We Know Moms – All 9.2 million of them.

We know which moms are putting what in their cart, and why. We use specific mom data and key insights to connect her various life stages to what influences her purchase decisions. Learn more about how to market effectively to this important consumer group.

According to M2Moms®, 60% of Moms feel that marketers are ignoring their needs, and 73% feel that advertisers don’t really understand what it’s like to be a Mom – pretty astonishing when 80% of household purchases are decided and controlled by this consumer group.

You can’t market to moms as though they are men wearing skirts!

No one can argue about the vast influence of the roughly 9 million Canadian moms on household purchases, and at Spider we are helping our clients understand how to effectively market to this unique and varied group of consumers. We help them understand the mindset and behaviour of Canadian moms today to genuinely influence their purchase decisions.

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