KiC™ Knowledge inspired Creativity

In our business, the idea is the centre of any marketing initiative—the vital thread that links all elements of a marketing campaign together with the true essence of a brand. But great ideas do not just happen. Furthermore, the RIGHT ideas do not just happen. To arrive at a great idea and the right idea – one that will produce the business results you’re looking for – you need to combine the art of inspiration and emotional connections with the logic of facts and observations.

Using KiC™, our own unique innovation process, we combine a series of steps to guarantee creativity and fresh thinking:

  • iProbe delves deep into brand, market and consumer history, facts and trends to produce new and meaningful insights.
  • A series of proprietary online and live ideation tools take full advantage of the minds of employees, consumers, customers and our own trained KiC™ ideation team to deliver breakthrough ideas, every time.
  • Concept harvesting and testing ensures your consumers will be motivated and engaged by the right ideas.
  • ROI and risk analysis close the critical loop of innovation to ensure every idea is actionable and affordable.

Concept Testing

We get it right most of the time, but that’s not good enough. We demand that we get it right all of the time. So, how do we know we’re arriving at the right idea? We test them, with real shoppers and consumers, for their ability to drive purchase.

We have a strategic partnership with IMI International, one of Canada’s pre-eminent, independent research firms. Using IMI Certainty™, our ideas are tested monadically with a representative sample of target shoppers or consumers. The results of each are compared to IMI’s proprietary benchmarks and action standards to measure their potential to drive incremental sales for our clients’ business.

Through this invaluable testing, we learn what works with shoppers and what doesn’t. This ensures the right idea makes it to market – the idea that will build your business.