The 4 C’s is a process/checklist for designing truly effective point-of-sale communications.


The first of the 4 is ‘Command’.

Like a friendly wave from across the room, let the shopper know you’re there.”


The customer is on auto-pilot as they navigate the store. We need to catch their eye and attention, and be disruptive to their standard routine in order to command their attention.


The second ‘C’ is ‘Connect’.

“Are you for me, or not? Utilize known equities for recognition.”


Once the POS stops the consumer, it takes them a matter of seconds to decide if it is something for them. Companies often spend millions of dollars outside of the store developing a visual identity and personality for their brand. So linking your POS to these existing visual cues and positive associations is the fastest, most effective way to connect.


The third is ‘Convey’.

‘Tell a clear, compelling story.’


The effectiveness of your POS depends on how well you can convey a clear, compelling message to the shopper. The need for strong communication priorities is greater than ever, as today’s shopper is overwhelmed with media, messages, visuals and offers. Whether it is through visual, text, a combination of the two or another method, you have to send just the right message for the kind of consumer you are trying to reach, within the moments you have to do so.


The final ‘C’ is ‘Close’.

‘Eliminate any possible purchase doubt.’


You’ve commanded the shopper’s attention. You’ve connected with them and conveyed information. Now, what does the POS have to do to fully close the sale and achieve the overall goal – getting the product in their basket or cart? That all depends on what’s causing the product/purchase doubt. This is where our thorough and effective shopper insights come in. Only a true insight can identify and help to eliminate the key objection that needs to be addressed to drive closure.

The strategies we develop and pieces we create thoroughly address all areas necessary to achieve sales.